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What Do Chefs Look for in a Whitefish?

What Do Chefs Look for in a Whitefish?

Whitefish such as Cobia are some of the best-tasting fish you can eat because of their buttery, mild flavor. Cobia is also easy to prepare, which makes it a chef favorite in a variety of culinary dishes. Michelin-Starred chefs are making everything from fish salad to pan-roasted Cobia and delighting guests with their creativity and innovation.

Open Blue is the leading Cobia fish supplier in the US. We’ve had many chefs give us their Cobia meal preparation ideas for the recipes posted on our website. Following are what our chefs look for in whitefish and why Cobia is a great choice when you’re looking to cook great recipes at home.

Flash Frozen Means the Peak of Freshness

Exotic fish such as Cobia isn’t available fresh in most cities, making it almost impossible to get fresh at the grocery store. Some people have a false stigma that frozen fish has less nutrition or flavor than fresh fish, but that’s simply not true. 

Studies show that freezing doesn’t impact fish’s nutrient quantity nor it´s taste. Consider this: Most sushi-grade fish is delivered to restaurants in frozen condition. If anything, freezing fish kills any parasites that may be inside.

Frozen fish is also convenient because it locks in the fresh flavor and allows the restaurant to use it when it’s ready to. Frozen fish can be stored in a freezer for up to six months without losing any of its integrity. That means there is literally no waste because the fish stays intact until it’s ready to use.

Many award-winning chefs prefer whitefish from reputable fish farms that freeze their product at the peak of freshness.

Restaurant prep area with raw ingredients, including a package of Open Blue Cobia

Growing in a Natural Environment, Mariculture Farm Means Doing the Right Thing

As more chefs become concerned with sustainability, they are turning to alternative fisheries that use sustainable methods like mariculture to grow and harvest their fish. They know that taking care of the ocean and the food that comes from it is both the right thing to do and good business. That’s why many are turning to companies like Open Blue and our aquaculture farms, where we practice the most rigorous and responsible mariculture processes in the planet.

Ready to Cook Means Convenience

Some professional chefs love preparing whitefish from start to finish themselves. However, most chefs love our portion boxes, which come with skinless and boneless premium-quality whitefish fillet portions that are ready to cook. Chefs also love that our portions are pre-measured, saving them precious time so they can focus on the art of cooking. Open Blue can also deliver custom cuts for chefs who need a particular cut, but can’t find it on our website. Contact Open Blue to talk to us about custom orders.

Get Chefs’ Favorite Whitefish Delivered to Your Home

At Open Blue, we’re making premium-quality Cobia whitefish available to you. We’re the leading cobia fish supplier USA and are now offering online best whitefish meal delivery service. Simply visit our website, choose a product, and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep.

Want to try quality Cobia fish at home? Visit our shop now.


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