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Restaurant Owned By Open Blue Cobia Brand Ambassador Chef Jeremy Ford Earns Coveted Michelin One-Star

Restaurant Owned By Open Blue Cobia Brand Ambassador Chef Jeremy Ford Earns Coveted Michelin One-Star

Miami Beach’s Stubborn Seed Under Chef Jeremy Ford’s Leadership Uses Open Blue Cobia To Earn Place In The Inaugural Florida Guide

June 29, 2022 – Miami Beach, FL: Chef Jeremy Ford, owner of Miami Beach’s widely touted Stubborn Seed restaurant, 2022 James Beard Award Semi-Finalist, Open Blue Cobia Brand Ambassador, and Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13 Winner can add Micheline One-Star to his list of awards and accolaides. You can watch his video here. 

“The day I found out I was a chef was the day I found out my true identity,” said Chef Ford. “As a chef, we’re always going to be search for who we are as a chef. A few years after working with John George, I just woke up and said ‘this is me… this is who I am.’ And I think that’s the pinnacle in a chef’s career. Having our restaurant, Stubborn Seed, named a Michelin One-Star is definitely another pinnacle. It’s such a honor to be recognized and appreciated for the work you put into every single dish.”

Stubborn Seed is located at 101 Washington Ave, on the corner of 1st and Washington in Miami Beach. Chef Ford prides himself on his “unapologetic approach” assembling a team that helps him create powerful dishes that combine unique flavors that he describes as a “roller coaster” citing the highs and lows as well as various textrues using unique cuts of meat as well as seafood like Open Blue Cobia. 

About Stubborn Seed

Stubborn Seed is the result of pairing unrelenting passion with an unapologetic approach. It aims to unearth cravings of the palate while constructing a reward in each bite. This philosophy takes honest ingredients and elevates them to be splendidly elegant through rigid and persistent execution. At the helm is Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13’s Winner, Chef Jeremy Ford.

Jeremy Ford is the winner of Bravo’s Top Chef Season 13. The 32-year-old chef, originally from Jacksonville, Florida first developed a love for cooking after meeting his maternal grandmother when he was 14 years old. Visit their website to learn more or to reserve a table.

About Open Blue Cobia

Open Blue is an open ocean Cobia fish aquafarm and food company that operates in harmony with natural surroundings far away from crowded coastal waters and sensitive ecosystems. The company’s farms are carefully chosen to avoid displacing other marine life creating a 2,500-acre protected “no take” zone that’s home to only Open Blue Cobia and indigenous marine species like the magnificent whale shark. The result is a delicious, healthy whitefish with a buttery mild taste that hold both flavor and texture no matter how it’s prepared—from fried or sauteed to baked or grilled. The company provides Cobia whitefish to foodservice through its distributor relationships and to consumers through its webstie

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