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Open Blue Cobia are available year round, our internal logistics department works around the clock to ensure you get the best quality fish, the quickest way possible.

We raise our fish in waters where Cobia can naturally be found. Our farm is located in the Costa Arriba region of Panama. The farm site is located over the horizon in Panama’s Atlantic ocean, more than seven miles offshore in the deep, blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Our fish are raised far from shore where the waters are deep, clean and pure. It is a high-energy environment where the fish never see the same water twice and the surrounding environment is preserved. Our fish are healthy and have a clean good taste with just the right texture.

The farm is 11-12 kilometers (7 miles) off the North coast of Panama. It is literally over the horizon. The water depth at the farm ranges from 65-70 meters (213-230 feet).

Absolutely not, our fish are raised in a pristine environment and fed a clean, controlled diet. We regularly sample our fish to verify that they are clean and healthy.

We do our best to mimic Cobia’s natural diet as closely as possible. Our feed includes fishmeal, fish oil, plant proteins, vitamins and minerals. Our diets are natural and free of hormones, colorants, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants. We will continue to monitor feed ingredients and make the best decision for our customers, our fish and the sustainability of our company and the ocean.