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Two Birds With One Stone: How Open Ocean Mariculture Farming Can Help Solve Environmental Issues

Two Birds With One Stone: How Open Ocean Mariculture Farming Can Help Solve Environmental Issues

The food industry emits around one-quarter of the world’s human-produced greenhouse gases. The biggest polluters are land-based meat production: beef, lamb, mutton, farmed prawns, cheese, pig meat and poultry industries, in that order. Protein foods grown on land have a costly environmental impact.

We need to find alternatives to these food sources. We can’t completely replace these industries with plant-based foods either. They’re insufficient for meeting many people’s protein needs. Open Blue’s mariculture sea farms are one of the most promising solutions.


How Open Blue’s Sea Farms Can Help the Environment

Open sea farms offer a revolutionary approach to fish farming with minimal environmental impact. Semipermeable fish farms are placed in the ocean, where fish stocks are allowed to grow. The deep sea locations provide a diverse nutrient flow, allowing fish to grow healthier on their natural, normal diet. 

Open Blue has been at the forefront of open sea farming in the US. Our sites are carefully chosen to not disturb the local ecosystem. We have a 2,500-acre zone where we practice the world´s more rigourous mariculture practices. We’re also collaborating with Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami and Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science to further improve the science of open sea farming.

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How Open Blue’s Sea Farms Can Help Feed the Planet

Scientists speculate that the world will need to produce more food in the next 50 years than we have in the entirety of human history. Open Blue is dedicated to helping solve future food crises. Open sea farms can produce nutritious food that’s also healthier than other protein sources by incorporating practices that allow responsible farming to keep the natural sea life environment intact. 

Cobia fish is not just a sustainable alternative to our current protein sources; it’s also a successor. While red meat has been known to cause heart disease in some people, cobia is heart healthy.


a chef prepares a sushi dish using cobia whitefish

With Open Blue’s online whitefish home delivery service, you can have the delicious buttery mild flavor of the world’s best fish while preserving their sea environment for generations to come. We have a range of products that make cobia fish preparation easy. Open Blue’s cobia fish taco strips have taken off in popularity recently because of their convenience, flavor and versatility. You can also access different cobia fish recipe ideas so that you can enjoy a different dish every night of the week.

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