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The Whitefish Connoisseur's Guide: How to Source the Finest Cobia Wholesale

The Whitefish Connoisseur's Guide:  How to Source the Finest Cobia Wholesale

Cobia is a delicious and nutritious fish that is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants. If you're a restauranteur or seafood wholesaler, you may be interested in sourcing it from a trusted wholesale fish supplier.

Here are a few tips:

Conduct Online Research

Utilize online resources to identify reputable wholesale seafood suppliers, expanding your options beyond traditional channels. Read reviews, check customer testimonials, and verify credentials to ensure the credibility and reliability of potential suppliers. Call other operations that serve or sell Cobia to see how the vendor conducts its business.

Find a Reputable Supplier

Look for a supplier that has a good reputation for quality and sustainability. Ask the supplier about its sourcing practices and make sure it can provide documentation that the Cobia it sells is caught or farmed in a responsible way.


At Open Blue, our Cobia is cultivated using an aquaculture farm technique called mariculture in the deep, open-ocean waters of the Caribbean off the coast of Panama. This stress-free environment fosters natural growth, ensuring both exquisite taste and environmental preservation. It's how we've earned certification from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and we follow Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP).

Consider the Size and Quality of the Cobia You Need

Cobia comes in various sizes, ranging from a few to over 100 pounds. Choose the size based on what recipe you'll be using it in or creating from scratch. Prioritize selecting Cobia with bright, firm flesh and clear eyes; this indicates freshness and quality. Additionally, inquire about the origin of the fish, asking whether it's wild-caught or sustainably farmed in the open ocean, as this can influence its flavor and texture.

All Cobia products at Open Blue are sustainably and responsibly farmed.

Assess Pricing

While Cobia may be priced slightly higher than other seafood options, ensure the cost aligns with the quality offered. Obtain quotes from multiple suppliers to gauge competitive pricing before finalizing your decision. Consider factors such as taste, texture, and sustainable growing practices. Also, consider shipping costs, minimum order quantities, and any additional services offered by the supplier.


Open Blue is a bulk Cobia supplier, providing competitively priced wholesale Cobia. Our cost-effective solutions empower retailers and restaurants to optimize their budgets without compromising on quality.

Negotiate a Contract

Once you've identified a suitable supplier, contact your distributor to see whether they can adhere to a dependable delivery schedule that also includes the other fresh fish on your distributor orders. You can negotiate a contract specifying terms regarding pricing, quality standards, and desired quantities of Cobia, but you will need to involve your distributor in the process to cover delivery charges. Contact Open Blue to see how we can get fresh Cobia delivered to your operation.

Inquire About Shelf Life

Prioritize suppliers capable of guaranteeing the freshness and shelf life of Cobia, which is essential for maintaining quality and maximizing customer satisfaction. Ask about packaging methods, temperature controls during transport, and recommended storage practices to preserve freshness upon delivery.

Open Blue ensures optimal freshness through rigorous quality control measures. You can trust that your Cobia will arrive fresh and flavorful, ready to delight your customers who will be consuming it.



At Open Blue, we're passionate about providing the finest responsibly sourced Cobia to restaurants and grocery businesses nationwide. We are the leading global supplier of Cobia raised using innovative deep-water, open-ocean aquaculture methods that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our Cobia fillets feature exceptional quality. Raised in stress-free, low-density environments, our fish develop a rich, buttery flavor and a meaty texture that chefs love. As a wholesale fish supplier, we offer a variety of product options, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your culinary creations.


Call us today to learn more about our Cobia farms and products.

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