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Open Blue Wins Panama’s SENACYT Award for a Second Time To Fund a Project To Advance Sustainable Aquafarming Science and Innovation

Open Blue Wins Panama’s SENACYT Award for a Second Time To Fund a Project To Advance Sustainable Aquafarming Science and Innovation

The Company Was Chosen Among Applicants As Having the Highest Socioeconomic Impact in Panama Based on Innovative New Technologies and Scientific Advances

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA — Jul. 21, 2022 — Open Blue, a Panama-based and world-leading open ocean Cobia fish aquaculture and food company, has announced that for a second time it has been awarded funds from National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT) of the Republic of Panama to finance a 15-month project to develop innovations and socioeconomic growth through open ocean mariculture.

All of SENACYT’s activities, projects and programs are aimed at strengthening, supporting, inducing and promoting the development of science, technology and innovation in order to raise the level of productivity, competitiveness and modernization in the private sector, the government, the academic-research sector and the population in general.

This award is given by SENACYT to the company with the highest socioeconomic impact in the country based on innovative new technologies and scientific advances and processes.

“We are honored that SENACYT has recognized Open Blue’s contribution to sustainable aquaculture and is providing funding for this important project for another year,” said Javier Visuetti, Regulatory & Community Affairs Manager, Open Blue. “In cooperation with the Panama government, this project will allow us to refine our Cobia cultivation processes and products that will help other fish companies in Panama improve and innovate while also creating new jobs and economic opportunities in the area.”

According to SENACYT, the award is based on the adaptation, integration and validation of existing technologies and components that are aimed at their successful introduction in the market. The institution will fund a 15-month project in a research hub located in Viento Frío, Colón. The project will yield new information and support development in the field of open ocean aquaculture while creating new high-quality jobs for people in the community.

It will also support the development of more efficient open ocean Cobia cultivation methods that can be applied to the aquaculture of other fish around the world.

SENACYT recognizes the important socioeconomic, industrial and innovative impact this project will have locally, setting a new bar on current aquaculture practices in the region.

About Open Blue Cobia

Open Blue is an open ocean Cobia fish farm and food company that operates in harmony with natural surroundings far away from crowded coastal waters and sensitive ecosystems. The company’s farms are carefully chosen to avoid displacing other marine life following the most rigorous and sustainable aquaculture practices in the planet. The result is a delicious, healthy whitefish with a buttery mild taste that holds both flavor and texture no matter how it’s prepared — from fried or sauteed to baked or grilled. The company provides Cobia whitefish to food service companies through its distributor relationships and to consumers through its website

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