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Open Blue Cobia: A Culinary Review

Open Blue Cobia: A Culinary Review

Cobia—also known as black kingfish, ling or lemonfish—is gaining a lot of popularity in the culinary world for its versatility and unique flavor. This whitefish has a mild, buttery taste and a firm texture that makes it perfect for a range of recipes. It's also a fish that's easy to cook, so great results don't necessarily require much expertise.

Open Blue is the leading cobia fish supplier USA, serving professional chefs and seafood enthusiasts alike. We operate the world's largest open-ocean fish farm, in Panama, where we raise cobia whitefish on Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)-certified feed.

This blog post is a cobia fish review designed to help you add cobia to your menu with confidence.

Open Blue Cobia Is Versatile

One of the things that makes cobia such a great center-of-the-plate item is its versatility. Whether it's grilled, pan-seared or boiled, it always delivers a flavor and texture that chefs love to prepare and restaurant patrons love to eat. Its mild taste allows it to be paired with various flavors and side dishes. It also adapts well to different cooking methods, culinary styles and regional cooking practices. So if you're trained in only a few dishes, cobia can easily expand with you as your culinary curiosity expands.

Open Blue Cobia Has a Firm Texture

Cobia has a firm but not tough texture, which makes it perfect for grilling or pan searing. It's also flaky from the inside, making it easy to cut and eat. This fish is also great for sushi or sashimi, as its texture holds up well when it's raw. With such a wide range of applications, cobia can seamlessly move from one ethnic cuisine to another. From sushi to tacos to fish sandwiches, cobia allows you to add variety to your restaurant menu without adding a lot of other ingredients.

Open Blue Cobia Has a Buttery, Mild Taste

Cobia has a delicious buttery, mild taste that complements added flavors from herbs and spices. This is why guests who don't enjoy the stronger flavor of other fish enjoy cobia in a number of different ways. Its mild taste also adds to cobia's versatility because it allows the added flavors to come through in any dish.

a chef adding herbs and spices to a pan of cobia fillets

Open Blue Cobia Is a Great Source of Nutrients

Cobia is also a great option for those looking for a healthy protein source. It's low in fat but contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, making it a great choice for those on healthy diet. Fish is recognized as an essential part of any healthy diet.

Where to Buy Cobia

At Open Blue, cobia is raised on BAP-certified feed formulated to meet the fish's nutritional requirements while grown in the open ocean off the coast of Panama, where it lives in its natural environment. Open Blue cobia fish is also one of the most promising foods for the future due to its scalability and low environmental impact.

If you'd like to try cobia at home, ask your local grocer if they carry Open Blue cobia, or look for it on your favorite restaurant's menu. If you're a chef or restaurant operator, ask your foodservice distributor for a cutting. Visit to contact us for more information.  

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