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Most Versatile Foods And How That Makes Cooking Easy

Most Versatile Foods And How That Makes Cooking Easy

Cooking is something you can't learn just by reading or just with practice. You need to spend hundreds of hours learning from experts and practicing recipes before you're able to make something worth eating. However, some foods are quick and easy to cook right, making them perfect for people who want to eat something homemade but don't have the time to prepare.

There are five basic tastes that we can sense: sour, bitter, salty, sweet, and savory. Think of these flavors as different keys on a piano or different notes in a perfume. You mix these different taste groups when cooking to make your meal taste richer. The aroma is the second most important element that gives any meal its flavor. Many herbs and spices are added just for their aroma because the smell can significantly improve the sense of taste.

Some foods, such as fish that are easy to cook, naturally combine basic tastes in a naturally delicious way. The foods we talk about here also smell great without adding aromatic herbs or spices. You get a great taste with little effort and in little time. 

Here are the best-tasting, most versatile foods that are easy to prepare:

Cobia Fish

Cobia fish is among the healthiest foods on the planet. It has many nutrients that humans and other land animals can't synthesize, such as Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. It's also low in saturated fats, and unlike other meats, it promotes heart health. It's also pretty easy to cook, making it the perfect food for people who want to eat something delicious and healthy without spending much time in the kitchen.


Potatoes are among the most popular foods on the planet, and for a good reason. Potatoes are one of the few naturally salted vegetables, which makes them taste great even if you don't add any seasoning. Whether making French fries or mashed potatoes, you can always expect great taste. Potatoes also have a little bit of all the nutrients your body needs.

  Roasted potatoes in a bowl


Like potatoes, eggs cover all the bases of essential nutrients needed for your body to function, which may be why cultures evolved to have eggs daily for breakfast. No matter how you like your eggs, all you need is a pinch of salt and some cooking practice to prepare eggs to perfection. One downside is that eggs contain high cholesterol levels, which can clog your arteries. If your diet contains vegetable oils, you shouldn't have eggs daily.


Chicken is on the healthier side of meats. It naturally tastes salty and savory, so you don't need many spices to get a chicken-based recipe right. A whole chicken isn't as unhealthy as red meat, but it's not particularly healthy either. 

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