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How to Make the Best Cobia Whitefish Burgers

How to Make the Best Cobia Whitefish Burgers

Cobia whitefish is a delicious fish that is not only easy to prepare but also comes with plenty of different benefits; it has a buttery, mild flavor and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. This fish is an excellent source of low-fat protein. Furthermore, it’s rich in potassium, vitamin B6, niacin, and magnesium.

From a food standpoint, cobia is also versatile. You can bake it, fry it, steam it, saute it, or serve it in sushi. But, if you’re a fan of burgers, you may find that cobia whitefish makes one of the best fish burgers you’ve ever had.

Here is how you can make this amazing dish at home.

Make Fish Burgers at Home With Cobia Whitefish

 A cobia whitefish burger topped with cheese.

Cobia burgers are delicious and easy to make. Be sure to order your burger patties from Open Blue, the best place to order whitefish online, by adding frozen cobia burgers to your cart. You can buy them as part of our Explorer Box, Family Box, or in a solo 5-lb or 3-lb box.  

The burgers come frozen and are ready to cook at any time of the day. The best thing about these burgers is that you don’t have to prep them before cooking.

These flavor-packed patties will definitely become your favorite once you try them. They’re easy to cook and even easier to eat.

  1. Take the cobia whitefish patty and fry it with butter or oil. Cook it for 2 to 5 minutes, until the patty is golden brown in color.
  2. Add cheese to the hot patty if you want have it melt onto your patty.
  3. To make the sauce for the burger, mix mayonnaise, buffalo sauce, salt, and a pinch of pepper. If you’re not in the mood to do it, you can also put plain mayonnaise or ranch sauce in the burger.
  4. Get some lettuce, tomatoes, and other veggies of your choice to stack on your burger.

Melt some butter and spread it on the buns, then put them face down on a skillet or pan until the edges are golden brown. Then place your patty on top.

Feel free to vary the prep as you like. Add tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, or a squeeze of lemon. Substitute spinach or arugula as your garnish. Cheese is optional, but we recommend Swiss or a mild cheddar.

There are hundreds of different fish burger recipes available on the internet, but this one takes little to no time. It’s the perfect item for lunch or dinner.

Get Cobia Fish Home Delivery Within a Few Days

Cobia whitefish is not just easy to cook, but it also has a naturally mild, buttery taste that appeals to many—even hard-to-please foodies. Many people in the world consume this fish in different forms because it’s so easy to prepare and the flavor complements other foods like steamed vegetables and rice.

But if you’re new to cobia, the burger patties are a great place to start. They have all the natural flavor in an easy-to-prepare form. 

You can also find other cobia fish products on our online whitefish home delivery website, like fillet portions and taco strips. Try cobia whitefish burger patties today.

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