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How to Get the Same Whitefish Delivered to Your Home That High-end Restaurants Get

How to Get the Same Whitefish Delivered to Your Home That High-end Restaurants Get

“Whitefish” is a term used for different species of fish that have light-colored meat. Cobia is a whitefish that has a unique mild and buttery taste and is often served in high-end restaurants across the United States thanks to Open Blue, the leading cobia fish supplier in the US.

The company supplies white-tablecloth restaurants with cobia for chefs looking to make signature dishes that will delight their customers and make them want to come back for more.

The good news is that cobia isn’t just for restaurants. Here’s how consumers can get cobia—the same whitefish restaurants use—delivered directly to their home.

Why Whitefish Is Served in High-End Restaurants

Whitefish species tend to have less oil in the meat. Many of them live closer to the seafloor than other species of fish. This means that whitefish dwell under the immense pressure in the ocean’s depths. This environment tends to make whitefish meat flakier. 

Fish meat that contains less oil and is flakier gives whitefish a unique taste. For example, cobia’s slightly savory and mildly buttery flavor with a soft but firm texture allows it to be prepared in a wide variety of ways. Chefs can unleash their creativity from grilling and frying to poaching and baking. This allows them to keep their raw materials cost down while offering a variety of dishes on their menus.

Chefs who try Cobia on their menus like the fish’s higher Omega-3 fatty acid content which give it its mild, buttery flavor and soft texture. The higher-than-average fat content has also earned it the American Heart Association certification in the U.S.. Plus its soft texture lends itself to a variety of preparation methods from grilling and baking to frying and poaching. Cobia’s versatility allows restaurants to serve a wider variety of dishes while keeping food costs low.

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Sustainability and Nutritional Benefits of Open Blue’s Cobia Fish

Open Blue’s mariculture aquafarms are among today’s most sustainable food production methods while being loaded with omega-3 fatty acides and protein. We also hold certification of suitability from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) for all our products.

How to Get Cobia Whitefish Delivered to Your Home

Open Blue’s cobia fish is becoming increasingly popular among both Michelin award-winning chefs and seafood lovers. With environmentally conscious Americans, cobia is a great choice because it’s raised in a responsible manner that takes care of the ocean environment where it’s raised. Through our website, cobia fish is more easily accessible to homes across the country. 

Simply visit Open Blue’s products page, select the cobia fish you like in sizes from 2-lb to 6-lb boxes, and we’ll deliver it to your door. We have different premeasured portion boxes to make meal preparation easier for you, whether you thaw and serve or cook from the frozen state. You can try Open Blue’s cobia fish tacos, our famous burger patties, and many other ready-to-cook products. We also have cobia fish preparation ideas from professional chefs on our website. 

So try the fish that award-winning chefs use. Place an online whitefish home delivery order now.

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