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How Open Blue Is Supporting Local Communities in Panama

How Open Blue Is Supporting Local Communities in Panama

Open Blue is a Cobia fish supplier dedicated to revolutionizing the mariculture industry by developing sustainable farming methods. Located in the Caribbean Sea, about 11 kilometers off the northern coast of Panama, Open Blue is currently the largest employer in the area.

The company works with research centers and universities to improve the sustainability and scalability of aquaculture—all without endangering the local ecosystems. Here are some ways we're actively supporting the local communities in Panama.

Generating Economic Activity as the Largest Local Employer

More than half of the employees at Open Blue are from Costa Arriba, a rural part of Panama's Colon Province with remote small towns and villages. According to a 2014 report, there was little opportunity in Costa Arriba, so people had to travel to other parts of Colon Province for work. Nine out of 10 residents had no formal employment so they were forced to fish, grow cattle, or farm crops.

Open Blue has created many jobs for local communities on our farms, improving the economic condition of the local areas.

Empowering Women With Opportunities

Open Blue employs people from local communities regardless of their gender. Still, cultural norms make it difficult to create an even gender employment distribution without continued efforts. This is why we've been continuously working on inspiring more women to join the Open Blue team, whether it's in management or at our various fishing operations.

Creating Scholarships for Children

We believe education is the only way for communities to develop sustainably. Open Blue is dedicated to ensuring access to schools and other education resources for youth in our community. We fund 48 scholarships annually and contribute to school bus maintenance programs to eliminate boundaries in education for Panamanian children in Costa Arriba.

Preserving the Local Environment

Traditional onshore farms built in shallow waters can pollute the local habitat when fish feed and create biomass. Fish raised near shores are also more exposed to harmful pollutants such as PCBs.

Open Blue's farms are located far from the coast in the open ocean, where biomass gets diluted naturally. The company also recently launched a new byproduct processing plant that converts waste into fish oil and fish meal, ensuring the company doesn't negatively impact the local environment.

 Cobia fish taco set up on a plate

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