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Cobia Open Blue: How Does Open-Water Aquaculture Produce a Better Whitefish?

Cobia Open Blue: How Does Open-Water Aquaculture Produce a Better Whitefish?

Open-water aquaculture is a rapidly growing approach to aquafarming. Large cages that contain fish are submerged in deep water a good distance away from shore. The fish farms allow seawater and microorganisms to easily pass through, exposing fish to a natural seawater environment.

Cobia grown in open-water farms is clean, nutrient-dense and more flavorful than other whitefish. Here's why:

More Diverse Nutrients

In theory, fish can grow on a simple, balanced diet in traditional farms. However, fish need many micronutrients for optimal health, such as antioxidants, which traditional feed lacks. It's nearly impossible to artificially provide all the nutrients that fish would get in the ocean.

Seawater is rich in microorganisms such as zooplankton, algae, eggs, aquatic insects, larvae, and worms. Carnivorous species such as cobia consume these tiny organisms suspended in water for nutrition. Cobia grown in open-water aquaculture get all the nutrition they need for proper growth, which makes it more nutritious for us.

Less Pollution

In open-water aquaculture, any pollution caused by the fish gets diluted into the ocean. Fish feces gets removed by the water flow and eventually lands on the ocean floor, where it provides nutrition for aquatic plants. Any source of pollution for the fish is from the seawater itself. This is why open-water farms are usually positioned far from the coast—to limit exposure to pollutants.


Clean seawater with microorganisms.


Lower Risk of Diseases

Cobia have adapted to living in the ocean for eons. Their bodies are designed to survive in the ocean so that they’re a heartier fish. This is why diseases are less common in open ocean aquaculture.

Research shows that fish grown in offshore aquaculture like Open Blue Cobia are far less vulnerable to disease than those grown in artificial environments.

Promotes Better Health

Fish is arguably the healthiest of all meats. People in many blue zones (places with exceptionally long average life spans), including Okinawa, Japan, primarily eat fish and plant-based foods. 

However, many of the benefits of fish are exclusive to fish grown in the open ocean. For example, fish is one of the only dietary sources of vitamin D, but fish doesn't make vitamin D itself. It consumes it from other, smaller organisms.

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