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Cobia Fish: What Makes It So Special?

Cobia Fish: What Makes It So Special?

When you talk about healthy, versatile, and flavorful foods, fish is probably at the top of most food service operators’ lists. However, many patrons are experiencing menu fatigue as they see the same fresh fish appear menu after menu. Cobia from Open Blue is different—extraordinarily different. It’s packed with amazing benefits from its buttery, mild flavor, and it has a firm texture that allows you to prepare it in multiple ways, from baked to grilled.

Here’s why cobia from Open Blue should be a part of the seafood portion of your menu.

Cobia Fish: Where Did It Come From?

Cobia fish is also known as rachycentron canadum belonging to the carangiformes family which is part of the rachycentridae species. Cobia is native to the Indo-Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, but it’s very common as a sport fish in the Caribbean Sea. In fact, this is where Open Blue grows and harvests its cobia, miles off the coast of Panama.

 a worker places a cobia fish into a bin after being harvested

Cobia Fish: Versatility Leads to Profitability

Cobia is an excellent protein source, with a slight flavor that is similar to the flavor of mahi fish. You can bake it, grill it, pan-sear it, or even fry it in a tempura batter. Chances are you already purchased the ingredients to create new menu items with cobia—that’s how versatile it is, allowing you to easily add it to existing flavors that can combine to create something new and fresh.

Cobia Fish: Meaty and Delicious

Cobia is often described as a combination of Chilean sea bass and swordfish. It is very meaty and has a rich buttery flavor. Plus, it can be cooked in many ways, as mentioned above.

As it has a firm texture, it is ideal for grilling. You can cut it in thin slices using the Carpaccio style without worrying about the meat falling apart. The best part is that you don’t need any oil to cook cobia. The fat on the fish will work to create a golden crust that looks beautiful, while the meat inside stays moist and flaky.

Cobia Fish: Sustainable

Cobia is a sustainable fish that is raised and sourced using mariculture aquafarming practices. Open Blue was founded on the principle of creating a sustainable process that respects and minimizes the impact on our ocean environment in the Caribbean. Plus, growing cobia this way yields a healthier fish when it grows in its natural habitat. And there is minimal waste buildup, the environment remains protected, and the fish quality is excellent.

If you are looking for a reliable cobia fish distributor in the USA, ask your food service distributor if it carries Open Blue Cobia. We are the leading supplier of wholesale cobia fish, delivering fresh cobia to food service distributors and grocery wholesalers across the USA.


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