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Cobia Fish vs. Salmon: How Do They Compare?

Cobia Fish vs. Salmon: How Do They Compare?

With fish being one of the most popular foods all around the world, we want to talk about one of the most common fish and one not so common. Cobia fish and salmon have their unique benefits, so it’s perfectly fine to add both to your menu to keep it fresh. But, as you’ll soon see, cobia is somewhat new to restaurants, but the uniquely buttery, and mild flavor and versatility can make a huge difference in attracting a new kind of patron.

This blog will compare salmon and cobia fish, highlighting both similarities and some common differences between the two.

Cobia Fish

Often referred to as the black kingfish, black salmon, or lemon fish, cobia fish is the only member of its family (Rachycentridae) and genus (Rachycentron), which makes it truly unique.

You can try searing or grilling it as it tastes the best this way. The firm texture keeps the meat intact when you cut it into thin slices. Plus, the buttery flavor makes it a must-try specialty that can enhance any fish-based recipe.

Many people have not heard of cobia, but that is because this fish has been mostly caught in the wild in the Caribbean Sea. However, Open Blue has created a sustainable mariculture farming method that reduces the carbon footprint of raising, growing, and harvesting almost to zero. Moreover, cobia fish has amazing health benefits, making it a truly wholesome fish choice.

 a cut of baked salmon on a black plate


Salmon is one of the most popular fish on restaurant menus today, and it’s popular with consumers, too, because it’s relatively easy to prepare. When served raw in dishes like sushi, salmon can have a fish, salty taste. But when you cook it, it retains its saltiness, plus it’s oily, which is where its flavor comes from. The most challenging part of cooking salmon is cooking it at the right temperature. If it’s even slightly overcooked, salmon can taste dry, and if it’s undercooked, it can be slimy. But like most fish, it offers various health benefits.

Cobia Fish vs. Salmon: The Final Verdict

All in all, both fish are excellent choices, packed with nutrients and providing numerous health benefits. As a mainstay, salmon is a safe choice. But for patrons looking for more of an adventure cobia fish preparation allows you to expand the seafood section on your menu with a uniquely flavored fish that’s also easy to prepare.  

Ask your food service distributor if they carry open blue cobia fish tacos, or if you want to try it at home, ask your local grocer to carry it.

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