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A Buyer’s Guide to Premium Whitefish Home Delivery Services

A Buyer’s Guide to Premium Whitefish Home Delivery Services

Thanks to technology and the internet, you can get anything delivered to your home, from clothing and household items to electronic gadgets. More and more consumers are now getting food delivered to their home as well—not just from local grocery stores, but also from online sources. Packaging and freezing technology as well as speed-to-delivery have made it possible to get virtually any kind of food—from fresh vegetables to frozen seafood—delivered on time and intact.

Customers’ growing interest in online purchases has led many whitefish sellers to offer whitefish mail-order services. But what should you look for in a seafood delivery service?

Here are the five most important factors to consider when selecting a online whitefish home delivery service:

1. Price and Cost

Value is what you’re willing to pay for a product or service, and it’s different for everyone. If you love exotic foods, you may be willing to pay more for a product you’ve experienced and love and for its delivery than someone who is unfamiliar with it. With food, flavor and versatility are the most important. If you love the taste of something and can cook it the way you want, it’s worth the price. The delivery and packaging charges can increase the cost of buying seafood online. If you’re shopping for more common seafood, you can compare prices and look for special offers, coupons or discounts for the best deal. At Open Blue, we are the leading online supplier of cobia fish, providing portions, taco strips and burgers. Even though we are almost an exclusive supplier of this variety of premium whitefish, our prices are more affordable compared with other species, and we offer free shipping on all orders above $200.

2. Product Freshness

Freshness matters the most in the case of seafood, but it’s difficult to deliver fresh seafood by mail. That’s why most online suppliers freeze their fish at the peak of freshness to preserve their nutrients, prevent bacterial growth and maintain quality. Open Blue is ASC certified, and we ensure that all whitefish products are frozen at the peak of freshness. You get fish that tastes as good as fresh and it maintains its texture. Plus, because it’s frozen, your cobia fish keeps until you’re ready to use it.

3. Delivery Method

Another important consideration is the method of delivery. Experts suggest that fresh seafood or fish should be frozen as quickly as possible from the time of harvest and delivered in a well-insulated eco-friendly packaging with plenty of dry ice. This ensures a high freshness level and a longer life span. For instance, you can store it for more than two days if stored properly.

Check how the product is kept cold or shipped if fishing zones are far away from your home. Place the product in your freezer as soon as it arrives to maintain quality.

4. Business Transparency

Is the business transparent about how it conducts business, such as how and where its product is sourced? If the business stands by its practices, it should have clear information on its website that outlines its mission, vision and values and how it delivers on them through actual business practices. It should include where the fish comes from, how the products are sourced and why these things matter. Transparency also includes labeling protocols and nutritional information that’s clearly displayed. Check for certification and labels on products.

5. Sustainable Practice

Sustainability means responsibility to the environment and the ocean. Suppliers that sell vulnerable fish species or follow unsustainable practices put profit above all else. Considering that the global fish stock is declining, fish farms should follow sustainable fishing practices that ensure a healthy future supply of their species and don’t waste the materials after the fish has been processed.

A seafood supplier that follows sustainable fishing practices will provide relevant information on its website. The supplier will follow MSC and ASC standards to ensure it meets the sustainable fishing standards.


An underwater view of Cobia fish swimming in a mariculture environment

Open Blue is ASC and BAP certified and we follow the most rigorous and sustainable processes on the planet. We’re a sustainable cobia fish supplier USA that takes pride in delivering top-quality frozen whitefish. Contact us today for more information.


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