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5 Reason Why Leading Chefs Love Open Blue's Cobia Fish

5 Reason Why Leading Chefs Love Open Blue's Cobia Fish

Cobia is an exotic tropical whitefish found in the depths of the Caribbean Sea. Recently, Cobia has become quite popular among professional chefs, some of whom have been kind enough to share some of their favorite Cobia fish recipe ideas with us.

Open Blue is the primary supplier of Cobia fish in the US. We sustainably grow Cobia fish on it´s natural environment in our deep-sea aquaculture farms and offer Cobia fish home delivery via our website as well as supply to retailers, and restaurants.

Executive chefs from across the country are adding Cobia to their menus, to the delight of their patrons. Here's why chefs love Open Blue Cobia.

1. Cobia Has a Unique Flavor and Texture

Cobia is a type of whitefish, and like all whitefish species that are grown using mariculture techniques in the open ocean environment, Cobia meat has properties that separate it from oily fish or other farm-raised fish located near land. Cobia doesn’t have a lot of oil in its tissue. Most of the oil is concentrated in the liver and other organs, giving Cobia a characteristically different mouthfeel than oily fish like mahi-mahi or tuna.

Cobia has a mild, buttery flavor that makes it uniquely flavorful compared with other species of whitefish. Cobia meat is also flakier, which perfectly complements its taste.

2. Cobia Is Highly Versatile

Cobia doesn't have a strong flavor that would limit its versatility. This gives chefs freedom to experiment and develop delicious recipes. The combination of mild flavor and flaky texture lends beautifully to a number of dishes, so chefs can create unique flavors without a strong fish taste dominating the guest's palate.

We have various recipes and preparation videos from some of our favorite leading chefs. Order Cobia today and watch the videos to let our chefs show you new ideas.

3. Cobia Gives Chefs 100% Yield

Professional chefs don't like wasting food. They love being able to use every part of their ingredients to create signature dishes, but that's not always realistically possible. Cobia is one of the foods considered highly efficient in that chefs can use most of it without being wasteful. Each package of fillets is trimmed to a consistent size so that chefs get 100% yield from each portion, and obtain a perfect outcome every time. At Open Blue, our byproduct processing plant uses the trimmings when we prepare our portion boxes to make fish meal and fish oil, so nothing goes to waste.

4. Cobia Is Incredibly Healthy

Fish, in general, is among the healthiest sources of protein. Cobia fish meat is a good source of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, certified by the American Heart Association. Whitefish is also the only animal food people eat in Okinawa, which is home to populations with one of the world's longest life spans. A chef seasoning a Cobia fish meal

5. Open Blue Cobia Fish Is Easy to Prepare

Open Blue Cobia is easy to prepare, even if you're not a chef. Our portion boxes contain boneless and skinless Cobia fish that's easy to cook. You can also find easy-to-prepare Cobia fish recipe ideas on our website.

Want to try mouthwatering Open Blue Cobia fish tacos or burgers that will keep patrons coming back? Browse our products now.

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