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4 Things to Look For When Buying Frozen Fish Online

4 Things to Look For When Buying Frozen Fish Online

As more and more people buy food online for home delivery whether it’s a grocery store or an online food provider, seafood processors are keeping up with technology that makes frozen fish just a flavorful, just as nutritious and just as easy to prepare as fresh. Plus, frozen fish is more convenient since it can be stored in your freezer for months without losing flavor or texture.  

At Open Blue, we’ve invested in the flash-freezing technology to make sure that you receive the most premium, best-tasting Cobia anywhere. Here, we’ll share everything you need to know to order the best frozen fish online. The underlying lesson of this article is that it all depends on the supplier. If you order from a reputable cobia fish supplier, you can expect better quality than if you order from a nameless one.

Here are four things to consider when buying frozen fish online:

1. When It Was Frozen

It’s a common myth that frozen fish isn’t as nutritious as fresh fish. Studies show that even after staying frozen for 45 days, there’s no decline in the nutritional value of fish. Freezing and unfreezing also don’t affect the taste or texture of the fish in any way. The only thing that matters is when it is frozen.

If the fish was frozen at the peak of freshness, you could expect even better-quality fish than fresh fish. Fish frozen shortly after it’s caught retains its flavor, texture and nutritional value. This is why it’s important to trust only a reputable fish supplier like Open Blue.

2. Fish and Natural Diets

Fish grown in mariculture farms eat a variety of phytoplankton and zooplankton species, which is a much more diverse source of nutrition. If nutrition is among the reasons you’re ordering a cobia fish home delivery, we recommend choosing fish grown in mariculture farms.

3. Nutritional Value

Seafood in general is an excellent nutritional source of vitamin D. Fish—cobia, in particular—is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient most of us don’t get enough of. However, some fish species are healthier than others.

There’s no real objective way to decide on the healthiest fish species, but whitefish grown in mariculture farms comes pretty close to it. Whitefish is the only animal meat people eat in Okinawa, Japan. The region is considered a Blue Zone and has one of the world’s highest life expectancy rates. If whitefish has a role in this, it will be considered among the best foods for long-term health and fitness.


A chef sprinkling salt and seasoning on cobia fish

4. Sustainability of Production

Food production accounts for around 25% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

At Open Blue, we’re the leading cobia fish supplier USA committed to sustainable fish farming. Add more about the sustainability 

We’ve also opened a byproduct processing facility that furthers our focus on sustainability by utilizing as much of the leftover material, which would normally go to waste. Our cobia fish home delivery business is good for your health and the planet.

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