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Pan Roasted Cobia

Pan Roasted Cobia
black garlic “al ajillo”, yuzu butter whipped potato, yuzu salt


7oz sous vide Cobia filet (see recipe below)
2tbsp black garlic al ajillo (see recipe below)
1 cup yuzu butter whipped potato (see recipe below)
1tsp yuzu salt

For the Cobia

1ea 7oz filet
1tbsp olive oil
1ea garlic clove
1ea spring of thyme


Using a sous vide bag add all ingredients and vaccum seal. Place vaccum sealed fish in a controlled water bath of 140f for 30minutes and take out of the bag and reserve to pan roast.

For the Black garlic al ajillo sauce

1cup chopped garlic
1cup blended oil
1tbsp chopped black garlic
½ cup demi glace
½ cup lobster stock
½ soy sauce
1 cup kimchee base
1cup white wine
2tbsp ap flour
2 goya sazon packets
1tbsp squid ink
1tsp chilli flakes


In a sauce pot, heat u add blended oil and garlic and cook until translucent, add white wine and cook down by half, add ap flour, lobster stock, demi glace, kimchee base, soy sauce, sazon goya, squid ink, black garlic and chilli flakes, stir well and cook at medium heat for 30 minutes

For the Yuzu butter whipped Potatoes


2ea boiled potatoes
3tbsp heavy cream
1tbsp butter
2tsp yuzu juice


Add all ingredients in a food mixer until is nice and whipped.
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