Our Story
Our Story

Our Story

We exist to create innovative and responsible mariculture solutions that respect the ocean and enrich lives. After all, that’s our purpose – to nourish current and future generations in harmony with the ocean. We take our role of as a global leader seriously, focusing on innovation and leading the industry with our revolutionary sustainable open ocean mariculture system.

We believe the future of sustainable aquaculture is out in the open ocean. Moving the platform miles offshore means staying away from sensitive ecosystems, eliminating nutrient and waste build up, and minimizing the risk of disease. Bottom line its better for the environment and for the fish.

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Our History

After nearly a decade of planning, intensive research and innovating small-scale operations, Brian O’Hanlon founded Open Blue in 2007. A third generation fish farmer, Brian realized his vision for an innovative and sustainable fish farm at an early age. Since then, we have been dedicated to filling an industry need for premium quality fish, raised in a natural and controlled environment. 

“You should be very proud of what you are doing, not just raising and selling fish but changing the world in the process”

 – Will Wadsworth, VP of Culinary Operations & Development, Mitchell’s Fish Market