Chef Testimonials
  • Chef Tony Chen
    Owner & executive Chef at Tona Sushi Bar and Grill, Ogden, Utah

    "We are passionate about fish.  Here at Tona, we maintain a positive and responsible attitude toward sustainability, in fish and also ingredients we use in our dish.  Open Blue Cobia was a nice addition to our menu.  Our guests like the fish right from the start.  Many enjoy the clean taste of the fish.  We like the endless possibility this sashimi graded fish offers.  Cobia Orange, light rosemary smoked, citrus soy, orange supreme, fennel, Thai chili and micro green is a new favorite.  Grilled Cobia Kama (collar), what better way to enjoy some of the best part of the fish.  Our guests enjoy finding new delights when visiting.  Open Blue Cobia is definitely a current star. " 

  • Alain Droesbeke, Chef

    “The secret to good cooking is simplicity, quality ingredients and a dash of imagination. Nothing is set in stone. For the gourmet, the creator and the inventive reader, there is always a margin for creativity. Beyond these few recipes, it is now up to you to try Cobia and praise its many qualities.”

  • Chef Andrew Coniglio
    Executive Chef Innisbrook Resort

     “The quality and consistency of Open Blue Cobia makes this a wonderful addition to our menus here at Innisbrook Resort.  This fish has great versatility for our chefs to create many innovative dishes.” 

  • Chef Bernard Guillas
    Executive Chef at The Marine Room, San Diego, California

    "Open Blue’s deep ocean aquaculture is the ultimate sustainable farming method which keeps a balance with the environment and contributes to the wellbeing of our ecosystem. Searching and sharing information will bring strength and knowledge for generations to come.  As chefs and restaurateurs, our duty is to be caretakers of our oceans and educators to our customers.   Cobia is a healthy, flavorful and versatile fish which is why it is very popular in my restaurant.   It is a delicious way to be hooked on fish." 

  • Chef Steve Phelps
    Owner and Executive Chef at Indigenous Restaurant, Sarasota Florida

    “I've been using Open Blue Cobia consistently for two years now at Indigenous. I have the ocean in my backyard, but the ocean is not as reliable as the product that Open Blue always brings me. As a chef I have always been very investigative about farmed fish, believed in some and turned off by most. I think this is definitely the future of sea farming that will survive in many environments and continue to allow us to enjoy the oceans bounty without threatening other eco systems and fishing communities."  

  • Chef Stefaan Van Bevern
    Owner and executive Chef at Epicea Restaurant, Belgium

    “ As the former chef of the ISPC-restaurant  and still a loyal customer, I was one of the first to get to know the Open Blue Cobia. Cobia has features that I find very important as a father, a chef and as a nature –loving angler in my free time. Whether it is prepared cooked, baked or raw, Cobia has an excellent taste and great texture. Also it has a very positive environmental influence. I can use Cobia for the gastronomical dishes in my restaurant, as well as in my job as a culinary advisor. “