Our Process
Our Process

Innovative Open Ocean Mariculture

We’ve moved fish farming offshore into the deep waters using innovative, open ocean aquaculture technology. Our fish are raised in a vertically integrated platform that has neutral impact on the environment and complete traceability into the life of the fish.

Excellence and innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Starting from our state of the art hatchery, to our processing operations, to our distribution network, we take extreme care to harvest the perfect fish, with complete traceability at every step. 

Our fish are raised in an open water environment, far offshore and away from sensitive ecosystems. Located 8 miles off the coast our waters are deep, clean and pure.  Our fish are raised in low-density, fully submerged pens; swim in high-energy currents and never see the same water twice. Our approach means a natural growing environment for our fish, lower risk of disease and no traceable impact to the surrounding ecosystem.

"What’s different about our supplier, Open Blue, is that their aquaculture farm is in the deep sea, far from shore and sensitive ecosystems. The fish are stocked at low densities, in large open ocean net pens so they can swim freely; it’s said they 'never see the same water twice'…We like what the company believes: 'We challenge ourselves every day to provide our fish with the best environment possible that will cause the least impact to the environment and surrounding communities' "

- Mary Ellen Burris, Senior VP, Consumer Affairs, Wegmans