Areas Of Interest

February 19, 2015

Open Blue has expanded their product offering to include frozen Cobia in addition to fresh fish. Frozen Cobia is primarily offered as fully trimmed individually vacuum-packed loins; although other cuts and formats are also available. Open Blue uses top of the line processing and freezing facilities in North America and Europe where Open Blue Cobia is quick frozen using advanced technologies to ensure premium product quality.

Diversifying the product offering will enable Open Blue to expand into new markets, fill specific customer needs and develop...

February 18, 2015

Open Blue employees have successfully achieved Air Cargo Agent certifications with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Once IATA certification is completed, Open Blue will control the supply chain management creating further operational efficiencies and improving customer service. As an accredited IATA member, Open Blue will ensure premium service to all customers through increasingly streamlined logistics; the added logistic control will provide consistent and rapid worldwide delivery. Achieving IATA certification allows Open Blue to take a further step in attaining full...

February 17, 2015

Open Blue has partnered with Mitchell’s Fish Market in the U.S. to launch a promotion for the fall season. Open Blue Cobia will be featured on Mitchell’s Fish Market’s menus through a promotion spanning 8 weeks across all 18 locations of Mitchell’s Fish Market. Mitchell’s Fish Market is celebrated for their commitment to freshness and quality, making them a natural fit for Open Blue Cobia. Open Blue Cobia’s premium quality and taste has made it a staple across the restaurant chain and this promotion is one step further in establishing Cobia as the best tasting whitefish on the market.

February 16, 2015

Open Blue Sea Farms has partnered with the International Community Foundation (ICF) to establish the Open Blue Costa Arriba Community Fund. Currently, Open Blue contributes to communities through education support, scholarships, drinking water wells and other community projects. Together with the ICF, the new fund will support these local projects in the Panamanian communities where Open Blue operates.

Open Blue is committed to making a difference in the local communities by giving back. The Open Blue Costa Arriba Community Fund will help achieve Open...