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February 26, 2015

Independent, third-party research shows Open Blue Cobia as having the highest Omega 3 fatty acid content among all other tested species, including farmed Atlantic salmon. It was also compared to other premium species such as farmed yellowtail kingfish, Chilean sea bass, farmed barramundi and land protein sources and in all cases Open Blue Cobia outperformed by very significant amounts. It is particularly high in EPA and DHA (total of 3.3 g / 100 g), the fatty acids that promote heart health, cognitive development and have anti-aging properties.

These results can be traced back to...

February 25, 2015

Open Blue had the pleasure to exhibit at the Asian American Expo this month in Pomona, California. For over twenty years the Asian American Expo has been the leading trade show catering to the Asian market in America. This year the show saw over 100,000 attendees and Open Blue Cobia was a huge success with end consumers and buyers alike. 

The Asian American Expo focuses on celebrating and building dialogue between the booming Asian and U.S. market; an ideal show for Open Blue as it expands in the marketplace. Open Blue Cobia's incredible quality and...

February 24, 2015

Open Blue had the pleasure to exhibit at the Horeca Expo last month alongside  Ocean Mareé and ISPC. Held in Ghent, Belgium, the Horeca Expo is the top event for food service outlets and caterers that showcases innovative, unique and premium offerings such as Open Blue Cobia.

As a testament to our successful growth through the European markets, Open Blue saw tremendous success at this event, which saw over 50,000 professional visitors from a variety of sectors including restaurants, food retail and wholesale distributors.

February 23, 2015

Open Blue is dedicated to bettering the communities around us and improving the lives of the local residents. As part of our community outreach efforts we are committed to increasing the educational attainment of local students; we provide bus support for the surrounding areas and ensure students have the proper learning environment. In 2014, we awarded 48 students with scholarships with plans to continue our efforts in 2015. We also educate students on the importance of marine life and the role aquaculture plays in sustaining their local communities through outreach, posters and booklets...